About Us


Delivering the New Standard in Healthcare

The Portland Coordinated Care Association is a network of independent medical groups in Portland that pool resources to help lower costs, improve quality outcomes and perfect the patient experience. PCCA exists to meet the needs of the changing healthcare market. The PCCA launched a Medicare Advantage product in 2015. Our network of providers is also a cost-effective option for self- funded employer groups. The current shareholder group is made up of over 400 physicians and 20 care facilities, quickly growing across the Portland metro area. Of the 400 physicians, over 130 specialize in primary care.

Our Values

  • Responsive - Committed to providing flexible and nimble solutions.
  • Excellence - Delivering superior, coordinated care to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Innovative - Creating new paths for accessing high quality, cost effective healthcare.
  • Accountable - Providing maximum value that is measurable, transparent and cost-effective.
  • Patient Centered - We listen to you, helping to meet your individual needs.
  • Trust - Relationships built on open, honest communication and actions.
  • Collaborative - Leveraging our combined strengths, talents and experience to deliver comprehensive coordinated care to your neighborhood.

For inquiries please contact Katie Dobler, PCCA Executive Director, at kdobler@tpcllp.com